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Virgil's hacking tool
Flash card hack tool

Virgil's hacking tool

Gender Male
Type flash card
Location George's Bail Bonds Office, New York City, USA
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death
"There's no such thing as locked out".
- Virgil

Virgil's hacking tool is a hacking device that allow the user to access encrypted, password protected websites on any system in a close perimeter.

Its was developed by Virgil, friend and business partner of George Stobbart who works at the Bail Bonds Office that operates in New York City.

"Just slip it in your PDA, and ride that internet".
- Virgil

It is a flash card full of features of his own creation. George has to place it in his PDA, and then click "connect" to scan external networks.

When found, George must complete a puzzle by moving routers, refractors, and splitters, while avoiding nodes, to access the server.


  • It is this flash card that George used to hack Lobineau's private server.
  • There is an easter egg when Virgil teaches you how to complete the hacking tool puzzle. The picture of dancing female goat in Moulin Rouge, similar to BS3 poster in Nico's apartment, pops up.