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Virgil, as he is known to his peers, is a friend and business partner of George Stobbart who works at the Bail Bonds Office that operates in New York City.


For the way he talks with George Stobbart you can see that they are good old friends. He went into business with him because of his detective brain. 

Virgil has exceptional hacking skills. He is the one that gives George the hability to sneak into any private internet system thanks to a tiny flashcard full of features of his own creation. George only has to place it on his PDA, and he is good to go.


  • Virgil: "There's no such thing as locked out".


  • After the office has been sacked by the Martino gang, Virgil claims that they stole his mp3 player, which contained 40GB of music. Later, George found the player in Fingers Martino's safe, and gives it back to Virgil.
  • He's been in prison. (Unknown reasons)
  • While George was away, Virgil talked Anna Maria into a nice cool place. She's been through a lot, she needed a shoulder to lean on. And he happened to have one available.