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Vernon Blier was a hacker hired by the Cult of the Dragon to crack the Voynich manuscript. He ends up being one of the cult's victims at the start of the game. Despite his brief appearance, he is one of the vital characters in the game.


He is considered as short but brilliant hacker with severe case of acne and one of the best programmers in the field. However, he can't keep doing household chores because he's always sitting in front of the computer. He's always relied on his mother to wash his clothes. According to Beatrice, Vernon tends to be forgetful and always asks her when is her birthday.

Six months ago, he is hired by the Cult of the Dragon to crack Voynich manuscript for a large sum of money. Desperate for a cash, Vernon accepted the offer. As he worked at the manuscript, he found out that the manuscript predicts about the end of the world and with the strange weather happening around he feared that the prediction is all coming true. He managed to decipher the manuscript around halfway, including some of the diagrams of ley lines and the phrase "Devils and witches dancing around with the cows on the Sabbath". He recorded these secrets and his farewell message to Beatrice on his DVD and kept it inside his safe under the floor, along of his drawing of ley lines.

When he is threatened by the cult to kill him, he arranges an interview with Nicole Collard, but he is tricked and killed by Petra.


  • He lives in apartment number 23.
  • His neighbour is Edith, the pissoir caretaker.