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Where do you want to go? Simply mention the name to the obedient servant and they shall fly there, swift as the eagle.

Ultar, is a Syrian who is found in the Club Alamut during George Stobbart's excursion to Marib, Syria. He is the world’s greatest luxury taxi driver and tourist guide per excellent.


He is self confident and only like travellers that can pay for his service, his exclusive service.

Thanks to Ultar, George learns that Khan has been lurking around asking some questions about Klausner and him. It is said that Klausner was headed to Bull's Head Hill.

My hear weeps for the injustice but it's bucks or zip, oh unfortunate American.
-Ultar to George

After hiring Ultar as his tour agent, George sets off to Bulls’ Head.


  • The name Ultar means "Ruler of the Army".
  • He’s the bar’s owner language traductor.
  • There is an babarian called Ultar in the game Lure of the Temptress. He sits in the tavern and give you the hints, how you can enter the dragon cave.