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“The guard dog was staring at me with a hungry look in his eyes”.
“I felt a slight twinge of conscience as I prepared to give the dog a dunking. But it soon passed”.
-George about Twenty

Twenty is the trained guard dog owned by the Marseille Docks staff in Marseille, France. He is taken care of by the night Marseille Docks Storage Guard and guards the fence that leads to the docks.


Since he was a puppy, Twenty has been trained to be an attack dog. Ruthless, malefic and noisy, Twenty barks at anyone who is trying to enter the docks when they shouldn’t. Years of being the 'bad guy' has made him sensitive to negative criticism.

Encounter with George[]

George Stobbart arrives to the docks at dawn after discovering that there is a connection between Professor Bertrand Oubier and Condor Transglobal which has a warehouse there. 

This is George’s first encounter with Twenty. He needs to enter one way or another into Condor Transglobal’s warehouse but Twenty makes things slightly more complicated. Twenty becomes a huge problem for George when he tries to enter the fenced-off area of the docks without permission and is only bypassed by tricking him onto the platform near the edge of the path and unhooking it so that he falls into the water, with a boat hook.


  • Twenty is his registration number. Security dog number twenty.
  • Twenty, as well as George and Duane Henderson, loved those dog biscuits.