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The tripod on the ceremonial circle underneath Montfaucon
Type Tripod
Location Musée Crune, Paris, France
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

The Tripod is an item used in combination with Peagram's Gem in the caverns of Montfaucon. It reveals the location of Marib, Syria.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars[]

George Stobbart finds a tripod in Musée Crune. It looks a lot like the one depicted on the Templar manuscript. The notice says it is identified as from the fifteenth century, found in Lochmarne, Ireland, at the site of the Knights Templar preceptory.

After having visited Lochmarne, where he found Peagram's Gem, George comes back to Paris and tries to take the tripod. André Lobineau refuses of course to loan it to him. George then hides in a sarcophagus and wait until the museum closes. Before he could take the tripod, Guido and Flap break and enter the museum for the same reason. Fortunately Nicole Collard will come to the rescue.

With the tripod and the gem, George manages to enter the caverns of Montfauçon and witness a Neo-Templars secret meeting. On the ceremonial circle, using both the tripod and the gem, the light reveals the letters M. A. R. I. B., which is the village of Marib, in Syria.


  • According to George, the tripod is blackened with age, and pitted with rust. A simple but elegant tripod made of metal with traces of couloured enamel still visible in places.