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Todryk is a tailor who appears as a portrait during George Stobbart's quest to uncover the identity of the Costumed Clown Killer.


Todryk is a very unsociable man who is only helpful to those who have money to give him. He turns out to be extremely unhelpful when George Stobbart asks for his help in the pursuit for the costumed killer and is openly hostile to George's attempts to get information on his clientele. He does show a dry sense of humour as George tries to emotionally blackmail him, when he talks about Plantard's dog which would dutifully wait at the door awaiting his return. However, this is the extent of his humour as he remains a grumpy, irritable man throughtout George's interaction with him.

After Albert gives a patterned jacket, obtained during a fight with an intruder in his house, to a romany seamtress all hope of identifying the killer seems to be lost. However, due to Albert's memory trick learned from many years in the army, he remembers the phone number of the tailor she is taking it to in order for it to be repaired. Writing the number down on an old envelope, George calls the number repeated to him and is introduced to the tailor known only as Todryk.  

Initally Todryk is incredibly unhelpful and will patronise and insult George for his attempt to get information out of him without a good enough reason. Eventually, when George provides him with a potential name to the owner of the garment, Todryk says that he delivered a parcel to a man named Khan at room 22 in the Hotel Ubu. This leads George to close in on his target and is the last time Todryk is talked to. 


"I don't know who you be, but sure I am you don't know what you're talking about!"

“Ah, thank God! I thought you were the police”.

“You’re collecting for charity, yes?

“I tell you, I know nothing about no clown”.


  • Todryk is never met face to face at any point throughout the course of the game or throughout the rest of the series.
  • In the Original version of the game, Todryk's details are written down on the back of an envelope and he is classified as "B. Todryk", there is much speculation as to what his first name is.