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"Pey-too! Lotze-cap, pey-to. In Yacot'la gohina mutoo!"

Titipoco is a small Central American man from the Quaramontian jungle.


Titipoco was manipulated by Karzac and his men to work for them. He is brought by Condor Transglobal to Europe to find the Coyote stone. Not speaking practically nothing but babble "uh" and says a word loose, apart from a kind of language. In Professor Bertrand Oubier house, he uses a blowgun to paralyze Nicole Collard with a dart and helps Pablo kidnap her.

Titipoco is held by Pablo in the Condor Transglobal warehouse and Pablo warns him to not try anything weird because, at heart, Titipoco is good and disagrees with the plans of the organization for him. When George Stobbart appears looking for Nico, he releases Titipoco from his handcuffs and the dwarf quickly hides in the warehouse.

When George finds the Obsidian Stone in Zombie Island and returns to the Mayan Village with it, Karzac and his men destroy the village and capture George, but the stones he had are left in the village. When Nico arrives, Titipoco shows her the stones and guides her to the pyramid George was taken.

Titipoco is helpful at the end of the adventure, especially for his physical abilities and his gun - actually a lighter, vital in the latter part. With the help of General Raoul Grasiento, he manages to place the Eagle Stone in its place. He is a decisive character for players to succeed.