Thierry Collard was the father of Nicole Collard . When Nicole was 8 years old Thierry and Nicole's mother had just split up, her mother had went away with her new boyfriend and Nicole decided to live with her father. Thierry was very talented in arts and craft, and encouraged Nicole to study arts in college. But Nicole was more into photography, Thierry bought her a camera for her twelveth birthday and she fell in love with it, she became a photographer thanks to her father. Nicole said that her father was the only person in the world she had ever admire. Thierry was more of a older brother to Nicole always laughing and joking around with her. Sadly four years later he died in a plane crash.

Nicole had discover that her father was very good friends with Pierre Carchon and that he and Pierre's wife Imelda were in love with each other. Fans believe that Theirry's death was a homicide since he was close friends with Pierre Carchon. 


In terms of personality, Nico describes her father as her older brother who's always joking and laughing. He was very kind towards other people he meets especially he's proud to his daughter. Thierry was the kind of spy who was ready to risk his life for the truth, a trait that is later inherited by his daughter. This could be seen in his mission against Pierre's cruel treatment towards Africans.

During his stays in Africa, his pastime include carving. He created a pair of elephants made of wood as a gift for his daughter and Pierre. He also created a wooden box with an elephant carving on top, which was used, unknown to him, by Imelda for keeping a torn photograph of herself and a love letter for him.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars Director's CutEdit

Thierry was summoned by the French government to become a spy and keep tabs on Pierre's organization. In Africa, he became friends with Pierre although he hated the way Pierre treated againsts Africans. This was evidenced in a torn old photograph, with Pierre and Imelda smiling while Thierry grinning in front of the camera. 

During his investigation, he and Imelda secretly fell in love in each other. Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last long, because he was risking his life for the goverment and he might betray his friendship with Pierre. He was forced to go back to France and leave Imelda behind. Not much known about him after that mission, but according to Imelda, Thierry was offered a job in French embassy as a reward for his service.


  • The name "Thierry"  is a French form of "Terry" meaning "ruler of the people". This may be a reference to both Thierry and Nico sharing similar personalties and Nico being a successor in finding the truth. His surname "Collard" may come from a pet form of the Greek name Nicholas, 'Col'. The name of Nicholas is aid to mean "conqueror of people".
  • It seems like Thierry wasn't married to Nicole's mother ,Nicole told George that "Her parents had split up when she was eight" this means Thierry was only dating her mother.
  • Thierry wanted Nicole to follow in his foot steps and become an artist that's why he sent her to college.
  • Thierry was very talented in carving, Nicole has one of his carved elephants in her apartment while Pierre had the other one.
  • Nicole witness her father's death as the plane takes off an exploded.
  • He has a bust which is now displayed in Nico's apartment. According to Nico, it was her most precious possession.
  • Thierry & Nicole had a very special bond together.


  • Thierry's death witness by his daughter
  • Picture of Thierry in his youth
  • Nicole hugs her dad for the last time