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The Monastery
The Monastery, Vatican
Country Italy
City Rome
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

The Vatican (or Monastery) is first mentioned while on the search of Anna Maria 's whereabouts. George and Nico find a photo of Anna Maria standing in front of what looks like part of a Vatican wall. Here it reads "Memento Mori" (Remember that you will die). 

On the need of finding a way into The Vatican, George manages to sneak in the building next to it, Sisters of Mercy Communion Wafer Supplies. By pretending to be Henry Steiner, The Health Inspector, he makes the nuns distracted to have a clear path to The Monastery's Gardens.

George is discovered hanging out without permission in The Eminence's office and immediately guided to the way out by Monsignor Devlin and Father Gregor . This where he learns that Anna Maria used to work in the Monastery's library. She was, in fact, part of the St. Michael's Order. Anna Maria then dissapeared after stealing some manuscripts.

Thanks to Nico, George learns that The Order of St. Michael funded the Phoenix operation runned by Anna Maria. This leads both of them to The Monastery again to give it a look throughly. That night, they enter through the Wafler Supplies facilities by diverting the guards's attention. Only to find a secret backoffice with traces of Monatomic Gold near a wafler machine, though Sister Angelica says it is the "Holy Powder" for special wafer orders. This is when Cardinal Gianelli appears, so they decide to follow him to see what he's up to. He directs them to Monsignor Devlin's office where they find out that The Cardinal is in their side, in the contrary of Devlin and Father Gregor. Gianelli get's shot and consequently dies, not before giving George the Manuscript stole from Devlin's safe. Nicole gets kidnapped and George knocked out.

Brother Mark comes to the rescue and helps George find Nico and The Ark . They manage to get into the Ancient Necropolis, where they find Anna Maria and Brother Mark get's shot in their way. After some passages with secret crypts and riddles, George and Anna Maria finally find The Ark.


  • The whole Vatican is riddled with secret crypts and hidden chapels.
  • The location of The Ark is underneath St. Peters.
  • Vincenzo Spallacci makes an appearance. He goes down below Vatican City with two of his men and brother Mark to save George's life. He gets a shot wound but particularly survived.
  • Brother Mark and Vincenzo Spallacci seem to have many things in common.