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Stobbart Telescopic Golf Club
The stobbart telescopic Golf Club
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Occupation Saviour
Location Bail Bonds Office, New York
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

George Stobbart's trusty telescopic 9-iron golf club. A symbol of man's ceaseless striving for perfection. The future of golf, in your hand... or in your pocket. Not only a useful tool, but a great topic of conversation and a good pal with women. Equipped with a locking device in case of risky situations.

At the end of the day, a life saving friend.

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death[]

This retractable golf club is one of the most crucial elements in George’s life. It is first seen near his office door at Bail Bonds, New York. Moments later, he and Anna Maria lock themselves inside the office trying to evade two evil guys who want to kill them to recover the stolen manuscript. In the need of finding another way out of the office, George uses this telescopic golf to open a stuck door on the other side of the room.

Once out and in the roof top of the building, George and Anna Maria manage to cross to the construction site next to it. To avoid the malicious individuals chase them, George utilizes his club to stop the lift door from closing. This way, no one goes down… and no one goes up.

Some time later In Istanbul, George distracts the receptionist by showing her his amazing golf club so that Anna Maria gets her hands into an important letter addressed to Eamon O’Mara. Thanks to this, George is able to modify his id so he can show it to the guard at Topkapi Palace and be granted the entrance. 

Later in the story, George succeeds in saving Nico’s predicament by destroying part of the Ark with his magnificent telescopic golf club.


  • George: "I'm still waiting on the patent to come through. I expect it will make me rich. Stupendously rich, probably. "


  • George had his club made by the same company who years later did Nico’s telescopic mop. The old Kershaw Telescopic Mop. What woman would ever be without one?