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St. Ninian's Church
St ninian 9
Country Scotland
City Bannockburn
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars

After coming back from Spain (Villa de Vasconcellos), George decides to review all the clues they've managed to get up until now with Nico and Lobineau.

The tapestry from Spain, the burning Jacques de Molay and the date thirteen-fourteen point to the Battle of Bannockburn. Tradition has it that the Scots were helped by a shock force of a group of outlawed Templars. They are said to have turned the tide for the Scots against England.

Later in the story, George and Nico learn that underground St. Ninian's Church is the place where the Templars are going to use the Sword of Baphomet .

George and Nico succeed to sneak into the Templar’s ceremony officiated by the Grandmaster and the Gatekeeper of the Temple. After being discovered by Eklund, they manage to escape and blow the whole place up.

This church was the administrative centre for churches across the strath of the River Forth.


  • St. Ninians is a long-standing settlement which is now a district of the city of Stirling in central Scotland. It is located approximately one mile south of the city centre. It was originally known as Eccles (i.e. 'church'), and may have been a Christian site from an unusually early date (possibly 5th or 6th century). Later called 'St. Ringan's' (a variant of St Ninian's).
  • During the English Civil War in the mid-seventeenth century this place was used as an arms dump. The tower was the only thing to survive the blast.
  • The Sword of Baphomet symbolises a colossal energy caused by the alignment of the earth's natural power fields which are focused at St. Ninians. The energy endowed the Templars with the power whichmade them great.
  • During the escape, if George tries to talk with Nico he'll have a knife thrown by Guido. It it's called the "Death Scene" and there are a few of them along all the game. In the original game, if you didn’t save near the scene it gaves you the option to restore a save file if you have one. In the Director's Cut version you just click continue and you are moments before the death.