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Site de Baphomet's workman
Painter Man
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Adult
Nationality French
Occupation Workman
Location Site de Baphomet - Institut Hermétique de Nerval
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

This unnamed character is one of the workmen at the Institut Hermétique de Nerval , where a Baphomet statue has been unearth for the first. 

He's been hired to keep the archaeological dig in the basement of this building clear of debris and to touch up damage to the doorframes with his little pot of paint.


It's a very responsible job. Unfortunately, he is not a very responsible person. He is a smoker and lights a cigarette everytime he can even if it's a place where he should not handle fire. 

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars[]

Thanks to him, George learns that there have been unusual visitors to see the excavation, none of them looked like archeologists. Khan was one of them, asking a lot of questions.

In order to get into the excavation site, George uses the man’s pot of paint to give a fake key a silver look.

Topics of Conversation[]


  • They don't let him in after the excavation, but he don't cares as long as he is paid.
  • He used to be an altar boy. Yes, him!.
  • He used to work on the sewers. He had a cigarette break in a pocket of methane. A manhole cover landed on the other side of the Seine and he was sacked.


  • George: "I Don't think i've ever seen a Gauloise smoked so stylihly".
  • Man: "it's a natural talent".
  • George: "i'm beeing sarcastic".
  • Man: "i'm being indifferent".
  • George: "You're very good at that as well".
  • Man: "Merci. Vive l'indifference!"