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Sister Serena
Sister Serena Face
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Young
Nationality Italian
Occupation Communion Wafer Factory Worker
Location Rome, Italy
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Sister Serena, as she is known to her peers and those who practice religion, is a nun who works at Sisters of Mercy Communion Wafer Supplies next door to St. Michael's church .


  • George: "So this area is a food-free zone?"
 Sister: "Yes, yes. I never eat food in this area"
 George: "Never?"
 Sister: "No, never".
 George: "Never, ever?"
 Sister: "No, never ever ever".
 George: "Hmm. We'll see".
 Sister: "Oh!".

Topics of Conversation[]

  • Photo of Anna Maria Dressed as a Nun.
  • Wafer Factory.
  • Holy Order of St Michael
  • Mixing Vat
  • Cutter
  • Ovens
  • Cooling station


  • Before she was in charge of the packaging area for dispatch of the Wafer factory, She used to polish candle sticks.
  • They like to call wafers "Humble slivers of bread transformed through the Miracle of Transubstantiation ".