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Rue Prince
Gfs 5955 2 4
Country France
City Paris
Address Unknown

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Rue Prince is the street where Vernon Blier lives. It is composed of several classic houses as well as cafes.

Vernon's apartment is large open area located at the building's second floor. His apartment consists of many old and broken computers stored in the living room as well as his bedroom. It is where Vernon is murdered.

In front of the apartment, there is a cafe where Alfonso's wife works as cleaner. Around the corner of the street, there's a small park where Beatrice is first appeared and sitting on the bench.


  • There is a secret location behind the park as an Easter egg. To unlock it, Nico must show the lipstick at the skateboarder. Nico doesn't much have to say but it indicates that the location is unlocked.