Rue Jarry
Rue Jarry
Country France
City Paris
Address 361 Rue Jarry

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse

Rue Jarry is the street where lives Nicole 'Nico' Collard, photojournalist with 'La Liberté', a newspaper that George describes as a Gossip Rag.

Nico's apartment is an open plan living space, her bed is visible within her living area whenever the apartment is visited. The apartment is home to a range of art and useless objects.

It is the hub of all activity that occurs within Paris concerning the adventure during The Shadow Of The Templars and The Serpent's Curse. In The Serpent's Curse George meets Adam, Nico's neighbor.


  • In BS1: When you first arrive at Rue Jarry as George, use the sewer key on the door to Nico's apartment and then use it on the flower seller. You should now be able to click on one of the apartment windows.
  • In BS5:
  1. Adam and Nico's building is connected to the building next to it. Any of the tenants could, if they want to, leave the building through the Fleur’s flower shop.
  2. There is a coin shop just around the corner and it’s ran by Stefan, Adam’s pal.