Broken Sword Wiki
Personal Status
Appearance Broken Sword II Smoking Mirror
Name Ruddles
Species Cat
Color White
Residence Fredrick Ketch's Museum
Country Ketch's Island, Caribbean Island

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror[]

Ruddles is the old family cat belonging to the Ketch sisters who lies down in front of the Fredrick Ketch Museum door playing with a small red ball. George initially tries to play with the cat but is almost lacerated by the aggressive feline and worries about an infection before being assured by the sisters that their cat does not have any diseases. 

At a later point in the story George needs Ruddle's red ball because he needs to shoot down the theodolite marker in order to distract Bronson long enough to sneak a look at his plans for the Museum on the idea that he may have an ulterior plan for the Museum, as suggested by Rio. Ruddles in used to shred the quill from the Ketch Museum into small enough pieces so that they can used for bait by Rio in order to catch Tigerfish. The plan is successful and the fish is tied to a pole extending from the roof of the museum, by a rubber cord, so that the cat will jump for it. As the cat is now at a safe enough distance away from the ball, George picks up the red ball and knocks down the marker with it by firing it from a V-shaped tree branch using the same rubber cord from before as a slingshot. Ruddles is then thrown the fish and happily eats it up until George leaves Ketch's Landing for Zombie Island.