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Ronald Maynard
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Young
Nationality American
Occupation Scientist
Location Research facility labs, Arizona, USA
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Status Deceased
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death
"No not good. I'm not good. I'm.. brilliant! Nobody else in the world has done what i've done".
"I love weapons!!! i'm brilliant at weapons!! Weapons are my second favourite subject!"
"Next to gold, huh?".
"No, no. Next to girls. Girls, girls. Oh man i even like the word. Girls".
-Dr. Maynard and Nico

Dr. Ronald Maynard is a scientist hired by the Order of St. Michael to make monatomic gold. He is in a research facility lab in Phoenix, Arizona.


Maynard is somewhat neurotic and short-tempered. He's also very conceited and proud of himself. He has two main passions, guns and girls.

The researcher that the Holy Order assigned to make monatomic gold. He has a large facility in the middle of a desert in Phoenix, Arizona. When the mafia hits the location there is a devastating explosion that sends Maynard over the edge. When he appears he is wearing a headband and waving an AK 47 recklessly. He later admits to have been eating the gold, convinced that it protects him from harm. He helps Nico get his safe into his gold making machine, but is forced to operate it inside in order to disengage the safety mechanism. Unable to escape his own machine Maynard turns to gold and is shattered to pieces.


  • Hates Anna-Maria Presa. He told Nico that Anna-Maria stole his money, millions of dollars, and hid it in a safe .
  • Appears to be brilliant at weapons. He saved Nico from Spallacci mobsters using an AK 47, in Phoenix.
  • Weapons are his second favorite subject, his first favorite subject is girls. Therefore gold may be his third.
  • The Monatomic Gold is used to fuel The Ark 's power of destruction.