To gain access to the Robert Foster, the old chocolate bar must be attempted to be given to Khan's ghost as Nicole Collard walks from the vending machine towards the weighing machine. Nico will remark that the ghost may not like chocolate and another area will unlock to the left most part of the area near the wooden rafters. Going down that tunnel unlocks a cutscene in which Nico meets Robert Foster and proceeds to warn him not to continue down this tunnel as a monster awaits him on the other side of the wall. Being the impulsive hothead he is, Robert ignores Nico's advice and is subsequently attacked by a monstrous tentacle before he is ultimately crushed by it and killed. He is last seen being dragged through a hole in the wall and presumed dead.

Despite the horrifying scene unfolding before her eyes, Nico's remarks that "they don't make animations like THAT anymore" and carries on with her quest.


Robert Foster appears as an easter egg in the London Underground Tunnel and is a referrence to the 90's adventure game by Revolution Software, Beneath a Steel Sky.