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Rio is a boy, about 12 years old, who quietly fishes on the dock near the Ketch Memorial Museum.


He is a friendly and good-natured child who stays away from Bronson due to his shady behavior. He has history with the Ketch family as he used to play with their adoptive niece Emily, until the accident which he is blamed for and told to stay away from the family. George Stobbart helps give him a decent bait to catch tiger fish for his sister to cook, he thanks to him by offering to take George over to Zombie Island and tell George the island's history.


  • Rio name means "river' in Spanish.
  • Rio seems to be from Jamaica because of his accent.
  • Rio and Emily used to play hide and seek together.
  • The Ketch's Sisters blame Rio for Emily's death since she was playing hide and sneak with him and hid inside Ketch's treasure box since it can only be opened from the outside Emily was trap and died inside the treasure box.