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"The price for failure, is armageddon".
-The Preceptor

The Preceptor is the current leader of St. Stefan Chapter of Knights Templar.


Not much is known about the Preceptor, although he appears to be very calm and rational, well though out, and kind, though not above going to extreme measures for the greater good, as shown when he sends one of his men to assault George and steal the Key of Solomon. He seems to know a great deal about George and has considerable insight into his behavior.

-The Preceptor to George

The Preceptor appears at the beginning of the game, and is made to appear as one of the villains. We later meet him once George successfully finds the St. Stefan chapter of the Knights Templar, where The Preceptor proceeds to knight George, and gives him the final clue he needs to locate the Armillary. This is the last time we see him.


Just like the Grand Master, the Preceptor doesn't reveal his real name in the whole game.