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Pasha Palace Hotel Receptionist
Pasha receptionist
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Adult
Nationality Turkish
Occupation Hotel Receptionist, golf fan, Eamon O'Mara groupie.
Location Pasha Palace Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Red
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Seems like this receptionist has chosen the wrong job, because guests are less likely to get tourist information when she is in charge. She's very condescending, unless of course, you are VIP.

Her two passions are golf and celebrities. Not fat old writers, no sir, she's talking about popstars, sportsmen, media giants, and above all: Eamon O'Mara.


She appears conceited while on duty, but when you find matching traits or hobbies she looks outgoing and sociable.

She is quite impressed of George Stobbart when handling his special golf club .


  • Big fan of Eamon O'Mara.
  • You're not a VIP, and want to visit Istanbul? Don't talk to her!