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New York City
New York City
Country USA
State New York
City New York City
Place of interest

Mama Martino's Salami Meat Packing Company

George's Bail Bonds Office

Alfonso's Hotel

Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death begins in New York City.

After the events in Glastonbury a few years ago (see Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, George Stobbart runs a Bail Bonds Office in New York with his partner Virgil.

A mysterious woman named Anna Maria is waiting for him at his office and pretends to be pursued by gangsters because she's in possession of an old manuscript.  George and Anna Maria just have time to run away from the Martino's gang, and let the manuscript on the hands of Fingers Martino.

They manage to reach Alfonso's Hotel (where Anna Maria checked in earlier), but the mobsters are already there.

After making the goon run away, George talks to Officer O'Halloran about what happened. Fortunately, he tells George where the gang is hiding: an old meat packing factory in New York City.

George sneaks into the factory and overhears a conversation between Fingers Martino and Vincenzo Spallacci, who has obtained the manuscript.

George takes back the manuscript by pushing the Martino's safe in a bone cruncher. Back in the Bail Bonds Office, he and Anna Maria try to decypher the manuscript, and figure out that the fortified city on it must be an old Citadel in Istanbul.