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We don't do shows in Britain, George. We do programmes.

Melissa Butley is the daughter of Colonel Butley. She lives in Glastonbury, England with her father who worries about her and still treats her like a child.


Melissa attended The Glastonbury Festival without her father's permission and met a man named Tristram Hillage. She took a liking to Tristram and decides to stay with him. She contacted her father telling him she isn't coming back home. Angry by this he starts searching for her since he realize that the number she called was a Glastonbury number.

After staying with Tristram for a while she realize that Tristram is liar Melissa wants to leave but he prevents her too. George met Melissa in Tristram's store in the apartment upstairs. Geeorge at first believes she's been tricked by Hillage's plagiarized poetry, but it turns out Melissa majored in Irish literature. She also reveals that she knows Lady Piermont and she's her niece. In the end Colonel Butler finds out from Eamon O'Mara that she's staying at Tristram's and bought his double shotgun. Melissa begs her father not to kill him, but instead beats him up.

Near the end of the game Colonel Butley greets George outside the Glastonbury Pub and thanks him for saving Melissa and told him she has a job at the Pub as a waitress. Melissa was surprise to see George again and greets him, he introduces Melissa to his friend Harry and the two began talking friendly while walking back into the Pub.


  • "Melissa" comes from the Greek word with the same name meaning "bee" or "honey".
  • Colonel Butley calls Melissa Lissy or Lissa for short.
  • It is unknown if Lady Peirmont is her aunt form her father's side.
  • Melissa describes her father's behaviour as a "frothing pitbull terrior type of pussy cat".
  • Melissa's stated that she's kinda on the run from her father since he still treats her like a child.
  • Melissa stated that the people in Glastonbury acts really weird to her.