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Martino's Meat Packing Company
Mama Martino's Meat Packing 2
Country USA
City New York City
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Old meat packing factory located near the docks on the east river, New York, USA. It is a legitimate business owned by the Martino's gang and ruled by Fingers Martino .

George visits Mama Martino's Salami Meat Packing Company to find Anna Maria's old manuscript . He managed to find an apron in order to enter the factory, and finally found the manuscript in Fingers Martino's safe.


  • What makes a Martino Salami so special? The finest and freshest ingredients. And of course, the secret recipe. For example, the Martino Vintage utilises only the tenderest meat. Hung and bled for 3 whole days whilst being constantly beaten.
  • You don't retire from Mama Martino's. Mama Martino's retires YOU.
  • Chico Garella runs the shop for the Mama Martino's Salami Factory, with a wide range of salami for your delectation. They got Salami Milano, Salami di Felino, Salami Ungharese, Salami Bresaola, yeah they got so much Salami they got Salami comin' out their ears.
  • They have a very strict policy: Never ever come to work without your white apron.
  • Martino's gang is in charge of suppling the black market of the finest and most rare Italian Cigarettes.
  • This is where George finds the photograph of Lucy Chu, in a drawer of Fingers Martino's office.
  • The factory is in the Astoria neighbourhood of Queens, New York City.