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Marseille Docks Storage Guard
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Middle Aged
Nationality American
Occupation Guardsman
Location Marseille Docks, France
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Unknown (probably bold)
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror

The Watchman is in charge of guarding the dock’s entrance along with 20 in Marseille, France.

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror[]

George arrives to the docks at dawn after discovering that there is a connection between Professor Oubier and Condor Transglobal which has a warehouse there.

The fence guarded by a raging dog stops George from getting into the docks. Next to it, the watchman’s hut. According to him, George will have a long wait, it’s Sunday. Tomorrow is the start of the national holiday and everything is closed for a month.

George pretends to be a driver with an important delivery at hand, but the watchman is not going to let George in without the paperwork.

Later, he manages to sneak into the docks into Condor Transglobal’s warehouse.

Topics of Conversation[]

  • Twenty.
  • Condor Transglobal.
  • Nico.
  • Professor Oubier.


  • Watchman: “What's wrong wid beans an' beer?”
   George: “You need me to tell you? You're pumping out enough methane here to fill a dirigible!”
  • Watchman: “Stay away from the fence, asshole!”
  • George: “I'm looking for a woman.”
   Watchman: “At the docks? What kind of woman do you have in mind?”
  • Watchman: “The docks ain't no place for a young lady. They're dirty and they're dangerous!”
  • Watchman: “Take them away, pervert. (Regarding the panties André gifted Nico)”


  • The watchman is big and bulgy like a sack of potatoes. His flushed and bloated face wore a sleepy, amiable expression.
  • Something was bubbling in the watchman's saucepan, Beans. You know, a man can live nothing but beans. He also eats Peas, but not too often because they play hell with his digestion.
  • George borrows from his hut a lucky piece of coal and the box of dog treats with a picture of a Boxer on the front, yummy. Someone had once told George, “a piece of coal brings you luck”... Who was he to argue with irrational superstition?
  • If George attempts to speak to the watchman from the trapdoor, the watchman will fart and George will fall down the trapdoor.