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Marseille Docks
Marseilles 1
Country France
City Marseille
Appearance Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror

After an encounter with a pair of Central American Indians, George had been knocked out and Nicole abducted. They failed in their attempts to kill him, and after carefully piecing together the clues, he eventually ended up on a desolate dockside in Marseilles where he hoped he would find Nico. 

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror[]

George arrives to the docks at dawn after discovering that there is a connection between Professor Oubier and Condor Transglobal which has a warehouse there. 

The fence guarded by a raging dog stops George from getting into the docks. Next to it, the watchman’s hut. According to him, George will have a long wait, it’s Sunday. Tomorrow is the start of the national holiday and everything is closed for a month.

The watchman is not going to let George (who pretends to be a driver) in without the paperwork. 

Later, George sneaks into the watchman’s hut after distracting him. Here he finds his lucky piece of coal and a box of dog treats that’ll be useful when dealing with 20.

Getting past the night watchman and his dog had been easy. Little did George know that he was soon to be pitted against truly terrifying adversaries - ruthless drug barons from the present day, and bloodthirsty Mayan gods from many centuries ago.


  • Watchman: “Stay away from the fence, asshole!”
  • Watchman: “You get the papers, you make your delivery, and I get a fat back-hander!”
  • George: “I'm looking for a woman.”
   Watchman: “At the docks? What kind of woman do you have in mind?”
  • Watchman: “The docks ain't no place for a young lady. They're dirty and they're dangerous!”
  • Watchman: “Take them away, pervert. (Regarding the panties André gifted Nico)”


  • Inside the Hut, a spike held a stack of papers which appeared to be shipping documents. None of them referred to Condor Transglobal.
  • On regular days, the docks open at seven in the morning.