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Nejo 1
Country Syria
City Marib
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

Marib is a small town in Syria. This is where the Club Alamut and Bull's Head Hill are located. It is also a place where Nejo, Arto, Ultar, Bar Owner and Khan lived.

After hearing the secret conversation between the Neo-Templars underneath Montfauçon, George heads over to Marib, Syria in search for answers and the location of Klausner.

George finds the Club Alamut in Marib.

Later in the story, George finds Klausner's dead corpse in Bull's Head Hill where then Khan tries to kill him. George manages to distract him and jumps down the hill up to the top of Ultar’s truck.


  • This is the first location of the series where George meets Duane & Pearl Henderson, a lovely couple of American tourists.