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Madam Zazie
Madam Zazie
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Young
Nationality Jamaican
Occupation Fortune Teller
Location Glastonbury, England
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Nobody tell me. Me am Madam Zazie. Me know all and me see all.

-Madam Zazie

Madam Zazie is the resident fortune teller on the main highstreet of Glastonbury and provides George Stobbart with "valuable" information.


Madam Zazie is a dark skinned woman who speaks in a third person manner. She is able to read people's thoughts but in reality she usually eavesdrops at the people to know about them. She has a special ability where she can fortell people's futures by holding their personal belonggings.

George Stobbart enters Zazie's Kiosk for more investigation. He is surprised when Zazie guessed his name and knows that he's looking for something. When Zazie tells him that she can trace people's whereabouts by touching their belongings, George asks her about some of the things he picked up in investigation. The fortune teller refuses to help him unless he pays silver coins.

George found some silver coins from Tristram's book and used it to pay Zazie. George gives her the postcard from Bruno, but she tells him that it's psychic imprint is too firm and a lot of people hold it before. She tells him that she needs something more personal from Bruno to read further.

When George returns, he gives her Bruno's shorts much to the fortune teller's disgust. In Bruno's shorts, she sees a vision where Bruno is getting killed on fire and a the dragon eye. Suddenly, Zazie loses conciousness and George tries to wake her up. Worried about the prediction, George leaves her and discovers that there is something burning behind the pub.


If the player gives Cholmondely's ID to Madame Zazie, she will see a vision of Susarro.