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Mac Devitt's
Mac Devitt's
Country Ireland
City Lochmarne
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

In search for answers about the old manuscript George Stobbart stole from Moerlin's safe, he finds a lead that makes him travel to Lochmarne, Ireland.

Here, He finds a tradicional Irish bar, Mac Devitt's. This bar's menu is pretty limited, it reads "No food today".

But you can find the finnest "Real Ale". Beer that's brewed from natural ingredients to traditional methods. It shouldn't be kept under pressure or refrigerated. And finally, it should have a good body and distinctive character. In other words, it's flat and warm with bits in and it makes you fall over.


  • Buses from Dublin to Lochmarne only have on service per day.
  • The best room you can have at Mac Devitt's is the one with the bed.
  • The next guest that comes looking for a vacant room should know that THAT would not be posible, not until the last guest checks out. That'd be when the undertaker comes to collect him.