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Lucy Chu
Photograph of film star Lucy Chu

Photograph of film star Lucy Chu

Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Young
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Actress
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Lucy Chu is a movie star who doesn't appear directly in Broken Sword: The Angel of Death but is mentioned in a few conversations between George Stobbart and Brother Mark.

She's famous for her part in "In Cold Blood", an action movie.

George finds a photograph of Lucy Chu in Mama Martino's Meat Packing Company in a drawer of Fingers Martino's office.


  • Brother Mark: "There's God, and then there's Lucy Chu"
George: "That photo of Lucy Chu - it's signed".
Brother Mark: "What does it say?".
George: "To my bigest Fan - May The Heavens Shine Upon You For Your Support - Love Lucy. Kiss, kiss, kiss".
Brother Mark :"Kiss, kiss, kiss?".
George: "Kiss, kiss, kiss".
Brother Mark: "oh. I'm hot with envy".


  • The movie "In Cold Blood", starring Lucy Chu is an reference to In Cold Blood, a previous game from Revolution Software, in which there is also an chinese character (Chi-Ling Cheung).
  • Lucy Chu is a reference to actress Lucy Liu.
  • Her two biggest fans are Brother Mark and Vincenzo Spallacci.
  • They are setting up a big fan-site and sell her photos online.