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Lochmarne Castle
Lochmarne 1
Country Ireland
City Lochmarne
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

In search for answers about the old Manuscript George Stobbart stole from Moerlin's safe, he finds a lead that makes him travel to Lochmarne, Ireland.

After visiting Mac Devitt's, George has one one purpose, to enter Lochmarne Castle one way or another. 

When he manages to get into the castle, he finds himself in one interesting pickle with the The Infamous Goat.

George finds an entrance to a Templar chapel beneath the local castle ruins, where he discovers a mural of a hanged man with "Montfaucon" written underneath.


  • Buses from Dublin to Lochmarne only have on service per day.
  • The castle was built by Mad Phelan, the first lord in Lochmarne during the 10th century.
  • Location based on the Desmond Castle in Newcastle West, Ireland.