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La Liberté is a french daily newspaper which doen't appear directly but is often referred to by Nicole Collard.

It is edited by Ronnie, Nicole Collard's boss.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars[]

Pierre Carchon, a French media king, a national hero and one of the most infamous adulterous in Europe agrees an interview with La Liberté in his residence with only two conditions, no photos and the only person that can come to his home is Nicole Collard.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse[]

Even though there are more important news to be delivered, Ronnie sends Nico to an art exhibition in Le Lézard Bleu Art Gallery in Paris. Here she witness a robbery and a murder. Nico is able to take some photos on the sly and one manages to get into the paper that same day.

After having sent the photographs of the robbery that took place in the gallery, Ronnie congratulates Nico for her good performance. The photographs worked perfectly for the story, and even one of them made it in the paper. Ronnie proposes Nico that if she is able to get him an interview with the “La Maledicció”’s owner, She’s got Sunday's front page. Coincidentally after hanging up the phone with his boss, an old Spanish man knocks her apartment door. He introduces himself as Tiago Marqués and tells Nico that he is the rightful owner of the stolen painting. His family story is very interesting, but Nico needs to corroborate it. With the help of Hector Laine, she manages to take a look into the ownership records for “La Maledicció”.

Nico finds out about Roman Medovsky’s connection to the theft and informs the findings to her boss. But Ronnie thinks this topic is way over her head. Medovsky is a dangerous man and he’s going to put a more experienced crime journalist on the story, he can't afford for Nico to get hurt. But Nico is going to let him give it to someone else that easily. She invites Ronnie to lunch to discuss about writing the article and he kindle accepts. They meet before the reconstruction set by Inspector Navet takes places in the Gallery, this is why she arrives a little late.