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Khan, is a member of the Hashashin assassination cult and is the single greatest nemesis of the Neo-Templars.


Khan views the Neo-Templars as enemies of Allah and humanity, unworthy of the title of the original Knights Templar. Khan begins to kill members of the Neo-Templars in order to prevent them from piecing together the location of the Sword of Baphomet. At one point in the game, when George Stobbart visits Marib, Syria and makes it to Bull's Head Hill, Khan appears, holding George at gunpoint, ready to kill him, although George makes a heroic escape.

"We were always on the same side, Stobbart. Different causes, but a common enemy".
-Khan to George

In the end Khan is disguised as an elderly woman who takes the same section in the train as George and Nicole Collard, but he realized that George and Nico are attempting to defeat the Neo-Templars so he doesn't attempt to attack them; eventually, he is shot by Eklund in a fight at the back of the train, but his C4 is used by Nico to destroy the sword. Before his death, Khan tells George all that he knows about the Neo-Templar's secret plans and wishes him the best in his struggle against them.

Khan's ghost

The Ghost of Khan

Khan's ghost as the lady from the train

Khan's ghost appears in Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror is the levitating supernatural representation of the "old lady disguise" used by Khan on the train to Bannockburn, Scotland .

This Easter Egg is used as a nostalgia element and is a clear nod to the first installment. The Ghost of Khan only appears when Nico walks away from the subway tunnel towards the wood obstructions and only lingers for a short time before vanishing when Nico walks towards the weighing scales. Although the apparition does nothing to progress the game, it does activate an Easter Egg.


  • His given name "Khan", is a Turkish and Mongolian in origin meaning "ruler" or "prince".
  • His other identity "Moerlin", derived from the name "Merlin" is a Welsh origin meaning "sea fortress".
  • In the unofficial fan made adventure Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars, Khan is alive and stated that he wore a bullet proof vest and stayed in hiding after he broken his leg when falling off the train in Bannockburn, Scotland.
  • Khan seduces Lady Piermont in the Hotel Ubu. Their relationship don’t last, because he is playing with her feelings.