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Japanese tourist 2
Japanese Girl 2
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Young
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Tourist

Glease Gallery, France

British Museum, London

Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror

The Japanese Tourist is a background character that does not interfere in the game's main plot. She is first seen in the Glease Gallery alongside her friend.

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror[]

She is seen in Glease Art Gallery looking at ancient mayan pots and speaking in her native language, when George approaches her for conversation she laughs mischievously but does not offer any dialogue options.

She is later seen in the British Museum when Nico attempts to find the Eagle Stone in London, again she is looking at artefacts and offers no dialogue options. 


  • "Anata wa kirei desu ne" (See in Trivia)
  • "He he hehehe hehe"
  • George: "If i wanted to be laughed at, there was always Nico."


  • "Anata wa kirei desu ne" means 'you are pretty'. The ne is like saying 'eh', or 'like'... "You are pretty, you know?" (Regarding George)