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Hotel Ubu
Hotel Ubu 1
Country France
City Paris
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

Hotel Ubu is the hotel where Khan is staying in Paris, France.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars[]

According to Hotel Ubu Receptionist, the Hotel is not haunted as Father Fécond exorcises it regularly.

After speaking with Todryk about Kahn's name, George Stobbart learns that he delivered the suit to Hotel Ubu to the second room on the right side of second floor.

The "gangsters" Flap & Guido make their first appearance at the hotel's main entrance.

Thanks to Ms. Lady Clarissa Piermont, George is able to access Khan's room by entering the bedroom next to it.

Therefore he’s able to collect Khan’s ID to retrieve the item that was given to the clerk for him to guard in the Hotel’s Safe, an ancient manuscript .


  • In the pockets of Kahn's pants, George finds the matchbook, and Kahn's pass card under the name "Thomas Moerlin, Grüber Electronics Corporation".
  • If George leaves the Hotel with the manuscript in his pockets he will face a tragic death, He'll be eaten alive by fish. It it's called the "Death Scene" and there are a few of them along all the game. In the original game, if you didn’t save near the scene it gaves you the option to recover a save file if you have one. In the Director's Cut version you just click continue and you are moments before the death.
  • The map of Paris marks Hotel Ubu as being in the 12th arrondissement (district) of Paris on the eastern side of the city, somewhere in or near the Bercy neighbourhood.