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Harry Gilligan is George's heavy-drinking Australian pilot/chauffeur, who flies the plane in the beginning and helps him escape at the end of the first Congo chapter. Using the jeep he stole from the Susarro, Harry sets up his own taxi-service. He finally helps George and Nicole Collard by flying them to Glastonbury, England.


Harry is a happy-go-lucky person who is willing to help others but his actions result for more trouble. Despite being an alcoholic, he tends to listen other people's advice for a change, as evidence by him listening to George about how to improve business. 

George hires Harry to bring him to Congo by plane. While they're talking about women, especially George's romantic relationship a lighting strucks the plane, causing to crash in the cliffs in Congo. George manages to wake Harry by opening a bottle of beer and snuffing it to Harry's nose. George tells Harry not to move from the back of the plane, but Harry is happily offers his help not knowing the plane will fall without his weight. Luckily, both men survived from the fall and George is disappointed at their trip. Harry asks George about the client he's going to meet, but he only thinks that man is a mad scientist. He offers George for assistance but George refuses after all the trouble they went through. Their plan is to meet at the top in separate ways. Later, George finds Harry sitting at the enemy's jeep and waving. George rushes at the jeep before Susarro's two henchmen shoot him. George and Harry escape from the enemies.

Later in the game, Harry brings George and Nico to Cholmondely's Workshop. He tells them that using George's advice, he sets up a small taxi company to keep him busy. Also, he shows up near the end of the game as a pilot. With his help, George and Nico go to Glastonbury in the middle of the stormy weather. Harry is last seen going at the pub with Melissa Butley, after Colonel Butley asks him to stay for a drink.


  • Harry is a Medieval English form of Henry or Harold. The name may be originate from Greek name Haris meaning "virtue". His surname Gilligan is Celtic in origin meaning "small boy" or "lad".
  • The name of the airplane he rides at the start of the game is Duchess. He won that plane from the card game.
  • Harry is possibly an homage to Jock Lindsey, friend and pilot of Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    • Both wear baseball caps, both have a very casual attitude to flying. Harry drinks whilst flying, Jones has no qualms about flying with a snake.