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"Well, this is a mining company. What else did you expect?"
-Half-naked secretary


Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror[]

The half-naked secretary is one of Conchita Garcia "posse of hunks" who works for the Quaramonte Mining Corporation in Quaramonte City.

Although he is usually seen doing administrative work on the company's computer, he also offers the Consolidated Mining experience. This hands-on tour in reported to take place in one of the company's deepest mines, includes tour guides and is available in three different languages.

Despite offering very little assistance is furthering the plot the nude secretary does elaborate on why he does not wear trousers in his place of work. First describing the lack of clothing as making him feel more alert, before going on to say that he feels more "perky". When questioned on what his boss thinks of this behaviour he says that she actively encourages it.