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Hagenmeyer Clinic
Hagenmeyer Clinic
Country France
City Paris
Address Avenue des Hérissons
Appearance Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

The Hagenmeyer Clinic is located in Paris, France. It is headed by Felix Hagenmeyer.

George Stobbart visits the Hagenmeyer Clinic in order to talk to Jacques Marquet, but arrives too late.


  • It was Elsa's (The receptionist) idea to fill the hospital of beautiful plants. A little greenery to evoke the spirit of nature.
  • Nurse Grendel runs the J-two ward. Where Jacques Marquet is being attended. 
  • It is Benoir Hagenmeyer's first day at the clinic.
  • Sam is the janitor at the Hagenmeyer Clinic, Mr. Shiny is Sam's loyal helper.
  • According to Moue in the police station, the Hagenmeyer Clinic's is situated in "Avenue des Hérissons" (Hedgehogs Avenue).
  • The clinic is marked on the Paris city map as being in the western part of the 2nd arrondissement, near Square Louvois.