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Nurse Grendel works at the Hagenmeyer Clinic in Paris and has a mixed relationship with some of the other staff there.


According to Eric Sopmarsh, one of her patients, she is an efficient woman, quite strict but that’s her job. There has to be discipline in a place like this.

Grendel is in charge of the war J-Two (see in trivia), where Jacques Marquet has been transferred to. George Stobbart, disguised as a doctor sneaks into her ward. She gives him a pressure gauge to take care of the patients, specially Eric Sopmarsh, even though George doesn’t even know what that item is for. With the help of Benoir Hagenmeyer, he manages to get into Marquet’s room.


  • If you want to visit nurse Grendel's ward you should go down the corridor on the left, turn right at the Senior Consultants' washroom and right again at the executive coffee lounge. Bear left at the Administrator's Sauna and turn left at the end. Good luck!
  • Elsa, the clinic's receptionist, seems a bit jealous of her. She thinks nurse Grendel runs the J-two ward like a South American prison, really strict.


Benoir 2

Nurse Grendel at the J-two ward