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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Young
Nationality British
Occupation Gallery Owner
Location Glease Gallery, France
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour White
Status Alive
Appearance Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror
"He looked like an older version of Lobineau the same supercilious expression, the same disdain in his eyes... and the same damned pony tail".
- George about Glease

Glease is an upper-class Englishman and owner of the Glease Gallery in Paris that George Stobbart meets during his investigation into the disappearance of Nicole Collard.


A highly educated man with good posture, he reminds George of André Lobineau because of his undeserved air of superiority and goofy ponytail. Although slightly taller than André and with white hair instead of mousy brown, he is essentially the english version of the man George despises so much.

“You're English?”
“These days, one prefers to think of oneself as European”.
“Sure. Whatever you say”.
- George and Glease

He likes to refer to oneself in the third person instead of first person. This is called Illeism, used with an air of grandeur, to give the speaker lofty airs. Idiosyncratic and conceited people are known to either use or this to puff themselves up or illustrate their egoism.

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror[]

He also happens to be the owner of the gallery that George needs information from and so doesn't initally show any hostility towards Glease until he proves unhelpful. George decides that he needs a distraction so that he can look for clues more freely and he splashes absinthe into a art crictic's glass enough times for him to black out and fall into one of the Mayan pottery cases, the shock and desolation of seeing part of his passion broken under an obese critic brings Glease to his knees. This allows George to look at the storage crates behind the screen at the back of the room and analyse the delivery crates from abroad causing him to draw a connection between the art gallery and the Marseille Docks.


  • George meets Glease in his gallery in the need for more information about the Mayan stone Nico recovered from a storing. Unfortunately he knows nothing about it.
  • Glease is hoping to get a fantastic review from Hector Laine, the art critic. Unfortunately, he only ends up with a headache and a debt to be paid for the display that Laine destroys.
  • Laine was right, Glease did bought a cheap wine for the exhibition.
  • André Lobineau suggests George to visit Glease’s Gallery.
  • Most of the Mayan artefacts you see in the gallery are supplied by Professor Oubier. He arranges all the shipping and the gallery simply collects the items from the docks.