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Geomantic energy

Geomantic energy around the Earth

Geomantic is a term invented by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), one of the pioneers of electricity, to describe an escoteric energy that flows around and trough the Earth. Also now known as Telluric energy, this terrestrial radiation is made up two components: the geomagnetic field and Earth's radioactivity. The Earth energy pattern is not homogeneous across its vast surface, but varies with geological conditions of given place.

Anomalies or geological disturbances can originate, for example, from faults, fissures and cracks in the Earth's crust as well as deposits and underground watercourses.

When this energy is imbalanced then pressures within the Earth are created which result in increased volcanic and sesmic activity. At the same time, the Sun also has a profound influence on the level of this energy and how it flows around the Earth.

When sunspots occur, due to the build up and collapse of energy fields on the Sun's surface, there is corresponding and profound effect on geomantic energy level on the Earth.

Telluric energy normally flows along natural paths of conductive mineralogy, such as quartz or metal: the paths are known to the Western world as Ley lines. In the Orient, the pats are commonly known as Dragon lines.

Ancient peoples understood this power, and built temples and stone edifices on the points of high energy so that they could study and ultimately benefit from its properties. The Egyptian and Mayans studied the movement of the Sun for this reason. They understood that it was a force to be worshipped and respected.

It has been claimed that small doses of geomanitic energy, when channelled through a person, improves mental energy levels and increases spiritual powers. large doses have been claimed to extend life. it may been extrapolated that enough energy could offer immortality...