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Captain Frederick Ketch, was born in Dorset, England in the reign of King Henry the VIII. His family were farmers, but young Ketch decided to sail the seas. He sailed with John Hawkins, one of the greatest traders of the Elizabethan era. In 1568, Ketch was serving aboard the Jesus Hawkins flag ship, they sail from England to Africa and across the wide Atlantic to the Caribbean Islands trading slaves. During that time, Captain Ketch intercepted a Spanish ship that was blown up and damaged by a terrible squall (storm). Ketch made short work of over-powering the crew, stealing their treasure and sinking their ships. One of the many items found along with the treasure was the Jaguar stone

However, Ketch never returned back home to England because the Spaniards sank the ship in an act of treachery. Ketch manage to escape from the Spaniards and settle down on an island in the Caribbean (which would later be known as Ketch's Island) and built a house on the island (later known as the Ketch Memorial Museum). It is said that Ketch retired from a life of piracy and became a successful privateer, gaining great wealth. The British governor and his men wanted to obtain Ketch's vast fortune so they trumped up a charge on him about breaking the conditions of his letter of marque; a document that permitted him to engage and destroy the enemies of The Crown. Ketch claimed himself to be innocent and produced his letter of marque but the governor and his men destroy the letter and hung Ketch on the beach in front of his horrified family. Before Ketch was hung he hid the jaguar stone in a cliff face on Zombie Island just encase the Spaniards had come back to take it away.


  • Ketch's house was later turn into a museum, his descendants Frost and Mina Ketch now own the building.
  • Captain Ketch used to wear a cross around his neck just like his descendant Emily Ketch.
  • Frost & Mina stated that Ketch was not a pirate but a privateer. It is possible that they had no clue that Ketch was really a pirate or that they simply refuse to believe a relative of theirs had such a negative/illegal occupation.
  • It has been suggested that the reason the Spaniards sank Ketch's ship was an act of retaliation, for stealing their treasure and for sinking their ship.