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Flap is one if the Neo-Templars goons and Guido's sidekick in the first game. He also returns in the third game to assist Susarro and Petra.


Flap is seen as the brawn to Guido's brains and is often berated for his lack of intelligence, although it seems to pay off for him when he is seen by Susarro wearing a scarf with the emblem of the St. Stefans chapter of the Knights Templar.

Flap is first seen as the partner/sidekick of Guido and the pair of them are staking out the Hotel Ubu for Khan or anyone else who may be smuggling the manuscript out of the hotel. He is revealed to be working along for the Neo-Templars along with Guido. Both are present during the attempted museum heist. Next time George Stobbart and Nicole Collard see him in the train, when Khan knock him out oc the train. He is not present at the church at Bannockburn, Scotland with Guido and the Neo-Templars when church explodes.

George and Nico once again come across Flap who is still employed by the Neo-Templars, now headed by Susarro. He is knocked out multiple times during the game and eventually this causes his possible death at the Armillary in Egypt due to the collapse.


  • In Broken Sword The Sleeping Dragon, Flap seems to look much younger than in Broken Sword The Shadow of the Templars it is possible that Flap got redesign.
  • Flap loves clowns. He likes when the little guys get hurt. Custard pies, hosepipe down the pants, then - SMACK!
  • Flap appears in fan game Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars.



Flap appearance in Broken Sword The Sleeping Dragon