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Father Hubert is a priest living in a tree house, which he apparently constructed himself, by the river where George Stobbart and Nicole Collard wash up after their boat is destroyed by an attack helicopter. A dutiful man of the cloth, Hubert plays the church organ so loudly that George can not initially contact him for help and must set fire to the leaves near the ventilation system leading into the house. Through dialogue options he reveals that Nico has been bitten by a river snake and is very ill.

After telling George that there is a root in the nearest village that can cure such illness, he suddenly becomes very cagey about his history with the tribes people, referencing the 'Monkey Dance' he participated in, referring to it as a point of shame in which he 'forgot my vows' and tries several excuses to not accompany George to the village. After having George press his collar and finishing his sermon he eventually leads George to the village but does not stay long and soon departs.

If questioned Hubert reveals that he had been heading along the river, but his boat sank and left him stranded, growing fond of the jungle, he elected to stay, building impressive examples of homemade technology, including a water wheel system to power his organ. In the intervening years any medical supplies he had on arrival were exhausted. In his time in the jungle he made contact with the local tribe, befriending them and being around often enough to be recognised and known by all the tribe members interacted with. He grew close enough to the tribe to discover the secret of the root, something that the tribe had previously kept to itself.

Through dialogue options with the guards at the entrance to the village and the Shaman it becomes clear that the reason Hubert is so anxious about visiting the village is because he sired three daughters and five sons. It is hinted that the Feast of the Monkey Dance is a multi-person orgy and because Hubert participated in it one night he retreated into the jungle in embarrassment. The Shaman, who reveals this, is more confused by Hubert's reluctance to return than either angered or aware of his reasons. It is possible through an optional piece of dialogue to press Hubert to make an effort to connect with his illegitimate children, George pointing out that it is more shameful not to have been there for them. However it is unknown whether Hubert heeded (or would have heeded) these words and the attack on the village shortly after his escorting George there, may have claimed the lives of some or all of his children.