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Elsa, is a receptionist at the Hagenmeyer Clinic in Paris.


At first look, Elsa looks over worked and hassled though she is not doing anything in particular. She is very methodic and doesn’t like to break the rules. For how she talks, it is clearly seen that she is a bit jealous of nurse Grendel. She nevers forgets a face.

George Stobbart is in need of her assistance to manage to get into Jacques Marquet’s private room. But she is not letting anyone in, unless you are relative or a well-known acquaintance. After convincing Elsa, Geogre is in fact an important person to him, she lets him know Marquet is in nurse Grendel’s ward. The strictest nurse of all the hospital, she runs that ward like a South American prison.

"If nurse Grendel is that bad, how come the authorities tolerate her?".
"She’s like part of the furniture".
-George and Elsa about nurse Grendel


  • Elsa is allergic to plaster.
  • It was her idea to fill the hospital of beautiful plants. A little greenery to evoke the spirit of nature.
  • She thinks nurse Grendel runs the J-two ward like a South American prison, really strict.


Elsa at the Haygenmeyer Clinic