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Eamon O'Mara is an Irish BBC news reporter who came to Glastonbury in order to do some research for his TV Show; Up Your Alley with Eamon. Eamon visits villages, interviews local people to help with his TV show. He got his job apparently while reading a book at a bookstore in London, when one of the producers saw him and hired him right away.


Eamon is proud of his heritage and isn't ashamed to show it. He loves poetry more than anything especially ones from his country Ireland, and he hates it when people duplicate poetry calling it their own. 

Eamon dislikes English military types, which he fleetingly explains to George to be because of England's extensive occupation of Ireland during the last several hundred years.  

George Stobbart first met Eamon sitting outside The Glastonbury Pub waiting for it to open. Eamon assists George twice in the game. When he becomes angered after realizing that Hillage has plagiarized famous Irish poets allowing George to sneak upstairs in Hillage's apartment, and helps George rescue Bruno when the Dragon Cult tries to kill him.

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death[]

He is mentioned again in Broken Sword 4, but doesn't appear in person. He has became very popular for his TV shows and books. He came to Istanbul to cover a news report on Topkapı Palace, and stays at the same hotel as George. Although he is never actually seen in Broken Sword 4, he is mentioned several times.


"Very astute of you to see through it. You clearly have a lucid and highly rational cognitive process."

"Ahem, good morning. I'm Eamon O' Mara and today I'm in the enchanting town of Glastonbury."

"Don't push your luck. I may have a soul of a poet, but I have a fist of a welterweight!"

"If I wanted my palm read, I'd get my head examined first."

"Hippies aren't eccentric. They're pathetic."

"Say no more. I may have a soul of a poet, but I've the heart of a lion!"


  • The name Eamon is a Irish name which is a form of Edmund meaning "wealthy protector". O'Mara is an Irish surname in origin and the word mara derived from the same biblical name Mara meaning "bitter".
  • Eamon is an alcoholic, much like Harry Gilligan. He is clearly aggravated that the pub is closed and he can't get a drink at ten o'clock in the morning.
  • In one of the BS3's concept art, Eamon's name is misspelled as "Eammon".
  • George stole Eamon's ID card and pretend to be him in order to get in the Topkapı Palace.
  • It's seems like Eamon doesn't believe in Folklore.
  • Eamon wrote a book about George's adventure in The Sleeping Dragon and how he saved the world from the Grand Master, the book became a #1 best seller around the world.