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Dudley Chomondely was a scientist that lives and works in Congo. He was one of Susarro's victims at the start of the game.


He is dressed in a white lab-coat with goggles on his forehead,he had white spiky hair combed back. He hates people who pronounce his name incorrectly as Chol-mon-de-ley.

Before he was killed, his friend Bruno Ostvald sent him a postcard from England that Susarro is after him and that he would be hiding in Glastonbury, England. Cholmondely quickly started packing his belongings ready to leave. As he was starting to leave Congo, Susarro and his men arrived. He was asked by Susarro about Bruno's whereabouts but the scientist doesn't know where. Cholmondely was angry and ended up killed after Susarro said goodbye. While Cholmondely was dying, George sneek in into the cave trying to talk to him before he died. Cholmondely warned him the world is in danger and called out Susarro's name brfore he dies.

Bruno later reveals in his story that Cholmondely discovered a Dragon Energy near in the cave and invented a machine that can produce large amounts of electricity. George was supposed to meet the scientist to patent the invention but ended up broken after George activated it.


  • The name Dudley is an English name. It derived from an Old English word "dudda" meaning "people's meadow". His surname Cholmondely means "a village in Cheshire".
  • It is learn from Bruno that his name is pronounced Chumley, pronouncing it chol-mon-de-ley apparently drives him nuts.
  • In Glastonbury, England if you visit the fortune teller Madam Zazie and give her Chomondely's Id Card to read, she sees Susarro and describes him as pure evil "The Face Of Death" she becomes terrified and ask to take back the card.