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When's the next ship out here?
But Señor - don't you like our beautiful country?
Frankly, it sucks.
You better be quick and get aboard that ship! Otherwise, you gonna be here for a week.
Don't you have a brown card? Prepare to be pointed with a gun and walk away very slowly.
-George and Custom guard

Custom guard looks after the border ramp that leads to the docks in where George Stobbart and Nicole Collard's ship is still unloading in Quaramonte City, Quaramonte, Central America.

If George tries to leave Quaramonte, the guard wil tell him that he needs to have a "brown card" which is the official exit visa.

When George asks General Raoul Grasiento, he points Renaldo to be the one in charge of those documents.

When George asks Renaldo, he answers he has no idea how to the paperwork.