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Country Congo
City Unknown
Places of interest

Chlmondely's Workshop

Dragon Temple


Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Congo is the first place to start in Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

George Stobbart goes to Congo to fill up a patent for a man called Dudley Cholmondely. George hires an Australian pilot named Harry Gilligan to send him to Congo. While George and Harry are talking, they encountered a storm and it caused their airplane to crash on the top of the cliff. 

George and Harry manage to get out of the plane but they're trapped on the side of the cliff. George is disappointed with Harry's action and decides to go separate ways to reach the top.

George discovers a cave when suddenly he sees something from inside. He finds Cholmondely lying on the ground and talking to an old pale man and a soldier. The pale man asks Cholmondely about Bruno, but the scientist has no idea where he is. Cholmondely ends up dead while shouting to say his name correctly.